Zag CloudCompass

The Cloud can open up a lot of opportunities, but how do you truly make the most of it?

So you’ve heard a lot about this thing called ‘cloud’. But what does it, or could it, actually mean for your business? What are some key considerations before you dive in and what questions should you be asking? How could the cloud empower your systems landscape?


Introducing Zag CloudCompass

CloudCompass is our path to cloud guidance offering. We’ll guide you on your cloud adoption journey, working alongside you to uncover those questions that aren’t being asked by the business and identifying opportunities for optimisation and transformation.

What are the benefits?

Don’t waste time, money and resource by starting your cloud journey without a map. CloudCompass will ensure a successful cloud adoption experience by developing a robust roadmap and cloud strategy specific to your organisation.

What problem does it solve?

Many organisations fail to start or to successfully deploy their cloud strategy due to an immature strategy or lack of buy in from stakeholders. Zag will engage members across the organisation using proven frameworks that have ensured success for organisations including G.E. and Air New Zealand.

What value will I see?

Organisations that have made the move to cloud benefit from lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), faster and more efficient delivery of services to stakeholders and a reduction in operational overheads.

What you’ll receive:

  • A path to the cloud Roadmap and Strategy developed for your organisation
  • Identification of potential roadblocks and advice on how to overcome them
  • Key considerations and identified areas of optimisation to maximise the value from your investment

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