Privacy Policy

Zag takes your privacy seriously. 

This Privacy Policy sets out generally how we may gather, use, disclose and manage personal information.

Personal information means information or opinions about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from the information.

When we interact with you, Zag will collect basic personal information about you, such as your name, address and contact details. We may also request other specific information from you relating to the goods or services that you wish to obtain.

Use and Disclosure
Zag will use any personal information collected for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, for any purpose disclosed at the time of collection or for related purposes. Generally we will only use or disclose your personal information as follows:

  • to provide the product or service you have requested or to answer your inquiry;
  • for the purposes of determining suitability for a job interview;
  • to third parties where we have retained those third parties to assist us to provide the products or services you have requested. For example we have contracts with third parties to assist us with functions such as mail outs;
  • for direct marketing of our products or services. If we contact you in this way without obtaining your prior consent, we will provide you with the opportunity to decline any further marketing communications;
  • where otherwise legally permitted.

We will:

  • store personal information in a secure database that can only be accessed by authorised Zag staff with legitimate work-related reasons to view and use personal information;
  • permanently remove an individual's personal information from our database at the request of the individual without delay;

We will not:

  • sell, lease or otherwise provide personal information to a third party without consent unless specified at the time of collection 
  • use personal information for any purpose not directly related to Zag's business operations as a provider of business enterprise software products and services.
  • For any questions or concerns relating to the collection or storage of personal data, or to have your personal information permanently removed from Zag's database, email us at